Three new features to discover with Duplikium

ADVANCED SYMBOL MAPPINGS: a very innovative feature that we are proud to present you today. With the Duplikium's trade copier, you can now manually define symbol mappings between Slave and Master accounts. For example, you want to trade gold. For the Master account, the symbol is XAUUSD and your for your Slave it is GOLDm. You can specifiy this in the cockpit and you will be able to copy the gold trades.

REVERSE TRADING: a way to transform a loosing strategy into a winning one. You have access to a very bad performing strategy or Master? Why not just reverse the trade side? The Master buys, the slave will sell... To do it, you can define a negative Risk Factor and we will reverse the trades' side for your Slaves.

SMS AND EMAIL ALERTS: you can now receive an email and/or an SMS as soon as your account connection is lost (and recovered) with your broker or if an order fails. Our aim is to offer a service for professionals that need to be able to monitor in detail their trade copying activity.