The Duplikium's Team wishes you a Happy New Year and a successful trading activity!
This new year will be synonym of a lot of new features, new technologies and new brokers for our Forex and CFD trade copier, now leader in the high frequency trading technology field.
The last year's achievements place Duplikium's technology in a special rank. We are the only technology capable to copy trades fromĀ MT4 to MT4, MT5, FXCM, various FIX API and LMax (Beta) and all this is done in our cloud-trading's technology. No EA, no VPS, no installation is required for our clients. We are the ideal solution for Asset Managers and Signal Providers.
One of our last year's objective was to have an internal latency of 5 ms to copy a trade. Today, we are proud to announce you an average latency of 3ms for our ~5'000 daily orders. This permits the performance between your Masters and your Slaves to be extremely close, minimizing the slippage.

Thank you to all our customers for their support!

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