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Asset Managers, Signal Providers or Professional Traders often need to have the same trading strategy applied to several accounts. They could manually trade in each account, but this would not be efficient at all. They have delay in trade execution, they can do mistakes, they are losing their time and so on. With the help of Duplikium, these forex trading professionals can now focus on their core business, which is to generate performing trading ideas for their clients.

We are offering a high level of quality. Our product is Swiss Made. It is extremely flexible, stable, quick and easy to use, our trade copier does not have any direct competitor on the market. With Duplikium you are able to copy your trades on several different brokers/tehnologies like MT4, MT5, FXCM, LMAX, ...

Yes, you can have a full access to the service. The limitation is just the number of Master(1) and Slaves(2) that you are allowed to use. There is no other restriction. To get it, you just have to sign up for free and then enjoy the best trade copier on the market.

No. As soon as you have registered your Master(s)/Slave(s) in the cockpit everything will be managed directly on our servers. You do not need to keep your PC running 24/24 anymore.

Yes, you are allowed to use as many Masters as you want with our "Standard", "Professional" and "Institutional" subscriptions.

With our "Free" subscription, you can only use 1 Master.

No, the trade copier is working on the Duplikium's servers. The cockpit is just a tool to set the parameters of the trade copier and to view the accounts activity (open and closed trades, orders, ...)

1 subscription allows you to register 1 Slave and an unlimited number of Masters. Each Slave account is linked to a subscription.

The only difference between the "Standard", "Professional" and "Institutional" subscriptions is the included monthly volume and the cost of the additional volume (exceeding the included volume). Depending on your monthly volume (per Slave), you have to choose the right subscription. With the "Standard" (€9) subscription, a monthly volume of €1'000'000 is included for each Slave and if the total volume exceeds 1'000'000 during the month you will have to pay an additional €30 per traded million (on a pro rata basis).

Now, let's see an example with the "Standard" subscription (9) that includes a volume of 1'000'000 per month and requires an additional €30 for each additional million:

Case A:

You trade a total volume of €800'000 during the month => you just pay the 9 subscription because your total monthly volume is below €1'000'000

Case B:

You trade a total volume of €1'100'000 during the month => (1'100'000 - 1'000'000) = 100'000 surplus => you pay the 9  subscription + ((100'000 / 1'000'000) * 30) = 9 + 3 = 12

Case C:

You trade a total volume of €2'000'000 during the month =>  (2'000'000 - 1'000'000) = 1'000'000 surplus => you pay the 9 subscription + ((1'000'000 / 1'000'000) * 30) = 9 + 30 = €39


Another example with the "Professional" subscription (29) that includes a volume of 5'000'000 per month and 20 for each additional million:

Case D:

You trade a total volume of €4'000'000 during the month => you just pay the 29 subscription because your total monthly volume is below €5'000'000

Case E:

You trade a total volume of €5'500'000 during the month => (5'500'000 - 5'000'000) = 500'000 surplus => you pay the 29 subscription + ((500'000 / 1'000'000) * 20) = 29 + 10 = €39

Case F:

You trade a total volume of €7'000'000 during the month =>  (7'000'000 - 5'000'000) = 2'000'000 surplus => you pay the 29 subscription + ((2'000'000 / 1'000'000) * 20) = 29 + 40 = 69

If you want to continue to copy/duplicate your trades once you have exceeded your included monthly volume, you have to withdraw cash in your Virtual Wallet. You can do that by going in your Dashboard. Then, your wallet will be automatically deducted on a per-trade basis depending on your subscription. A trade of 100'000 with a "Standard" subscription (20 EUR per million) will deduct 2.0 EUR from your Wallet.

You cannot copy/duplicate new trades (to open) from your Master(s) to the Slave that reached its included volume. However, the closing of trades is always possible.

In summary, if your Wallet is empty and if your subscription's included monthly volume has been reached:

  • A trade to open a new position is not possible anymore
  • A trade to close an existing position remains functional

If you need to continue to copy/duplicate trades, please withdraw cash in your Virtual Wallet by going in your Dashboard.

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