1. What do I get with the Duplikium’s free subscription?

With a free subscription, you can connect a maximum of 1 Master and 1 Slaves. There is no volume limitation and no additional cost at all. It is absolutely 100% free.

2. What do I get with the Duplikium’s paid subscription?

With a paid subscription you can connect additional Slave accounts to your Master(s). Subscriptions are on a per account basis: 1 subscription for 1 Slave.

2.1. Standard, Professional or Institutional

All subscription types offer the same functionalities. The difference lies in the monthly price, the included free monthly volume and the Cost Per Million (CPM).

2.2. Included free monthly volume

When you get a paid subscription, it automatically includes a free monthly volume. So you do not pay anything for this included volume (except the subscription itself), whatever the number of trades is.

2.3. Additional volume

If you reach the included free monthly volume during a month, we deduct your Wallet for each additional trade either using the Cost per Million (CPM) or the Minimum cost per trade.

2.4. Cost Per Million (CPM) and Minimum cost per trade

If you generate a trade copy of $ 200’000, we charge you depending on your subscription plan. Let’s see an example:

Subscription: Institutional

CPM: €10 per traded million (in EUR)

Trade Size: 20’000 GBP/USD

EUR/GBP : 0.8

First, we compute the trade value in EUR:

20’000 / 0.8 = 25’000 EUR

Then, we apply the Cost Per Million (CPM):

(25’000 / 1’000’000) * 10 EUR = 0.25 EUR

So we will charge 0.25 EUR to your Wallet for this trade. Please note that we apply a minimum cost per trade of 0.01 EUR.

2.5. Full example

Subscription: Institutional

CPM: € 10 per traded million (in EUR)

After 25 days, you reach a total volume of 20 million for 125 trades. All these trading activities are free with the monthly subscription. Then, for each additional trade, we compute the CPM that we charge on the Wallet. If the CPM of a trade is lower than the minimum per trade cost, we will charge the minimum per trade cost instead.

2.6. The Wallet

The Wallet is used to pay for the volume exceeding your subscription's included monthly volume. The charges are on a per trade basis. If the Wallet is empty, no new trade opening a position will be accepted. However, you can always close existing positions.

2.6.1. Where to find the Wallet?

You can find the Wallet by logging on the website and by going in the client section “My Dashboard”. See picture:

My Dashboard 

2.6.2. How to make a deposit on the wallet

Click on the “Recharge Wallet”. See picture:

Recharge Wallet Proceed Wallet

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